2) Over Ready2amaze

Doorlezen in het Engels mag. Automatisch op de hoogte blijven van alles via de Mee op Avontuur-nieuwsbrief ook!

Deze blog van kunstenaar Bruno van den Elshout heeft pleegt te berichten over zaken, projecten en observaties die tot de verbeelding spreken of een te verantwoorde poging daartoe behelzen. Vandaar de naam Ready2amaze.

De rest van deze pagina was oorspronkelijk (september 2010) in het Engels en blijft dat voorlopig ook. Wel komen er ten gunste van de leesbaarheid nog wat leuke foto’s bij.

Obeying the Dutch national motto ‘Je maintiendrai’, this page is managed, fed and pampered by Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout, born (1979) and raised in The Hague.

Keyword description:
Wide interests, including linguistics, photography, trends in society, mass psychology, innovation, creativity, airplanes, train travels, Europe. Lived and studied in Clermont-Ferrand (FR),  worked in Paris, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Rotterdam, Hoofddorp, The Hague and pretty much everywhere else in Europe. Currently self-employed, working from different locations depending on the projects at hand. Studied and completed International Business (The Hague, full time, graduated 2001), studied journalism but quit after completing year (Tilburg, part time, propaedeutic diplome 2004).

Some background stuff:

Amazing things I’ve done in the past:

Travelled through all 27 EU-countries for one year, interviewing over 2 700 young Europeans about their daily lives | Writing a book named Crossroad Europe | Walking on Mount Etna | Doing voluntary work in Poland | Becoming father | Setting up a coworking location from scratch | Photographing Dutch motorways for one year | Capturing almost 9 000 portraits of the North Sea Horizon | Inspiring myself and others to think bigger instead of begger or even bagger.

Companies and organisations I have worked for:

Text writing/journalism: Euractiv, Cafe Babel, Perron E
Photography: Europa Nu, Crossing Border Festival, NS, KLM, ANWB, Gemeente Den Haag, Europe Direct, Lenoirschuring, Naamplaat Bewegwijzering
Business: Ringfoto Focus, Euroman SA, State of Maryland European Office, Hi Touch Imaging Technologies, Forward Consultancy BV, Funds for Fun, Cowork Company, PHOTOLOGIX.NL

Check my LinkedIn profile for more details!

Skills I have acquired:

Basic website design (HTML/PHP/SQL) | Fluent Dutch, English, French, basic German, Spanish, appetite for Swedish and Polish | Recognising accents | Knowing capital cities of all the countries in the world | Being structured yet chaotic, introverted yet open, knowledgeable yet curious | Having a disciplined approach towards inspiration | Making sense of things I don’t (f)actually understand | Sportwise: speed skating, speed cycling, football, jogging, tennis | Logistically: driving license B | Public speaking | Making a difference | Getting things done | Moving things

Things people have said to/about me:

“How come you know all this random stuff?” – UK classmate in France | “You’re a nasty know-it-all” – teacher at primary school | “You don’t always say what you do, but you do always do what you say” – another friend | “You’re too energetic to fit our team” – employer rejecting my application | “You have to shut up and be grateful for working here” – employer with whom I resigned the day after | “You’ve changed a lot since we first hired you. At first, we thought you were a bit weird” – other former employer | “Are you very wealthy? Or just foolish?” – Richard Hill about my Us Europeans project | “I can sometimes almost see that light bulb over your head turn on” – former colleague | “I need to check that, nobody has ever asked for that before” – regular reply | “That’s a truth like a cow” – coworker on a project | “At least, you’re courageous and energetic” – regular comment recognised as rather skeptical but in a sympathetic way

Things I like:

Understanding stuff | Recognising recurring patterns, quickly | Everything that’s got to do with European languages | Ice skating | Capturing essence | Big-size prints of my own photographs, especially when sold | Hearing myself say ‘huh’ or ‘he’, wondered by something surprising | Serendipity | Linking positive people | Certain words lots more than others

Things I don’t like:

When something just doesn’t make sense | Noisy people especially with high voices | Certain words | Stress | Hidden agendas | Vooringenomenheid, in whichever way that translates to English

How to get me to do what you want me to do:

Stick to your promises, even small ones | Cut the crap | Hurry up but no rushing | Don’t pretend | Take initiative | Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy | “Yes ANDs” instead of “Yes BUTs” | Don’t mind getting lost | Don’t blame it on anyone else

Missions for the future:

Connecting people, ideas and skills | Recording contemporary history as it unfolds | Public speaking | Mind-reading / NLP | Selling before doing | Publishing another book

How you can get a hold of me:

Read all about that on the contact page or subscribe to my monthly newsletter ‘Mee op Avontuur’, which is written in Dutch but becomes hilarious when processed by Google Translate!


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